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“The Kentucky-born, New York-based Hill is a songwriting angel, carved from the mold of greats like Joni Mitchell. With electric harp as the main instrument, Hill and her band produce tracks that fascinate and mesmerize an audience, falling somewhere in between indie rock and psychedelic pop… Her lyrical sensibility is unique, bolstered by her fascination with science fiction…”
Louisville Eccentric Observer (Farrah Johnson, Dennis O’Neil)

“The music is beautiful. Voice exquisite; the words telling tales everyone wants to hear. The instrumental material melds into its required whole with quirky, painted details highlighting the surface. The totality makes a noise that cloaks the soul. Lovely… Crank it right up!”
Radio 3, BBC (Robert Worby)

“Hill is a standout… and dauntingly versatile.” “Erin Hill is lovely… and then there’s the delicious sound of that harp!”
Variety (Jeremy Gerard, Steven Suskin)

“This redhead… delivers a much-needed dose of marvelous pop ditties with her simply beautiful and honest voice, witty lyrics, and excellent musicianship.”
Women Who Rock Magazine (Alice Martin)

“Erin Hill lights up the stage… ”
Daily News, NYC

“The invincible Hill… breaks into a fiery physical abandon when she’s at the mike.” “Erin is enormously talented — an exceptional singer, a fantastic musician, and… she has the beauty to go with it.”
New York Newsday

“The best part of the show was the moment when… Erin Hill, a fine harpist, raised her voice in solo…” “…Erin Hill is lovely…”
The New York Times (Ann Midgette)

“Erin Hill, as a giddy, harp-playing Trekker, is a stand out… The best and funniest scene in the film is Ms. Hill’s, a first date that looks promising until the conversation turns to the relative merits of “Star Trek Voyager”.”
The New York Times (Mike Hale)

“Rose petals are used to delicious excess and First Fairy (the dangerously enjoyable Erin Hill) accompanies her acrobatic self on a harp while dressed as the bearded lady.”
New York Newsday (Linda Winer)

“The multi-talented Erin Hill performed without her signature harp, but added angelic background vocals, energetic keyboards and drum fills.” — from a review of the October 18th, 2014 Fab Faux concert at The Beacon, NYC
Elmore Magazine

“A memorable number is “Reckless,” penned by Erin Hill and delivered by her character, Etta, a sci-fi soundtrack-session harpist and one of the film’s solidly intriguing personalities.”
Variety (John Anderson)

“This exceptional artist is an indie pop ace in the hole…Her voice is expressive and lovely. Erin shows an artist’s gift for knowing what each song requires vocally, and has the ability to deliver it…Erin’s wit is sharply evident throughout…quirky, psychedelic, and lavishly whimsical…”
Expository Magazine

“The best performances are turned in by…the versatile Erin Hill…”

“Erin Hill may be indie pop’s renaissance grrl…Hill offers up a pop palette from a quirky/bluesy Aimee Mann…to a more grounded/less ethereal Kate Bush…to a pop-gilded Chrissie Hynde… Hill’s success is the result of her ability to balance her pop sweetness with a tart sonic aftertaste by means of her edgy arranging skills or her brittle lyrical insights.”
Amplifier Magazine

“…Erin Hill is not only beautiful with a terrific singing voice, she plays sax and bass and slams a mean drum.”
The Wall Street Transcript

“Hill hits the heights with great songs” (headline) “Songstress Erin Hill took to the stage to perform fifteen or so of her songs… Hill let the songs speak for themselves. … Her voice is lovely, fluid and expressive…. These original songs herald a major musical talent.”
The Post-Standard, Syracuse

“Erin Hill is delicious!”
Princeton Packet Online

“Erin Hill, tossing her flaming, red-gold hair, turns into a sensual show-stopper…”
The Plain Dealer

“Hill’s tales… radiate with both innocence and sparkling beauty… The music around her is bright, subtly nuanced and occasionally complex, but she and her band pull it off without a hitch.”
The Herald-Times, Bloomington, IN

“Erin Hill… is not only a wonderfully engaging performer but versatile as well, playing five instruments…”
The Chicago Tribune

“Erin Hill… lets her hair down, and suddenly enough sexual fireworks emerge to bring out the fire marshal.”
Scene, Cleveland

“The beautiful Erin Hill is a powerful presence…”
U.S. 1, Princeton

“Erin Hill… is well worth keeping your eyes on for her ethereal beauty, and your ears open for her lovely, liltingly pure voice. Her talent is prodigious as she plays eleven instruments, ranging from saxophone to harp.”
The Herald, Connecticut

“Erin Hill… time and time again takes the show apart as she plays the harp, alto sax, violin, acoustic guitar, electric guitar, lap steel guitar, drums, mandolin, acoustic bass, electric bass and piano!”
New England Newsclip Agency, The Bristol Press

“(Erin’s) vocal delivery is at once vulnerable and alluring… strong and in control… that sweet voice is downright addictive. And she looks so beautiful!”
Louisville Eccentric Observer

“Erin Hill… has a voice to die for.”
The Journal Star, Illinois

“A tremendously talented multi-instrumentalist like Erin Hill is a burst of sunshine… Rich musical fun, with a colorful vibe and sense of humor… (And) the songs are so good… Erin Hill could be what a lot of people always wanted.”

“Erin Hill… is as good on the harp as she is on electric guitar. And anyone who can make a harp work in a rock set deserves a universal thumbs-up. Erin Hill is bright, eclectic, edgy, and sensual…”
Good Times Magazine

“Listening to her music I feel like I’ve just watched an incredible film… Hill’s talents stretch far beyond the expected girl with a guitar sound.”

“I think she’s incredibly talented, as well as being a really lovely girl. Having listened to her songs, I would like to recommend her highly, as she has a beautiful voice, and I’m sure a very bright future.”
Natasha Richardson