Harp at a wedding in Patchogue, Long Island

Some more harp wedding photos for you — I was the harpist and singer for a wedding ceremony and cocktail hour on Long Island at Lombardi’s on the Bay, which had spectacular views. This couple had an unusual request, which was particularly suited to me, since I am a certified sci-fi geek: as the groom waited to enter, and then entered with the officiant, I began a medley from — Star Wars! I started with the Throne Room music, then proceeded to the Imperial March, which is (for the un-initiated) Darth Vader’s theme music! And then I ended with the Main Title, the Star Wars theme that we all know and love, for the big finish. Then for the bridesmaids and the bride, we had a beautiful version of Pachelbel’s Canon in D to bring her up to the altar to meet her beaming groom. I love when weddings have a sense of humor to them, too – and especially a sci-fi sense of humor!

The ceremony was all solo harp, and then I moved to the adjoining room to sing and play for cocktail hour. Here are some photos of my harp in its place before the ceremony…

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