Erin plays harp & sings for a party on Long island

I played the harp and sang for the 80th birthday party of a wonderful lady this past weekend, at her family’s home on Long Island. It was such a lovely group of people, and in addition to the people, my number one fan there was — Blake the Dog! And as you can imagine, I got several pictures of Blake and my harp V’ger. Blake and MacLeod would get along very well, since they are both such fans of the harp! I sang & played several Specially requested songs by the birthday girl, including Ave Maria, The Rose (Bette Midler), Strawberry Fields Forever (The Beatles), Danny Boy, and Crazy (Patsy Cline). Here are some photos I took right before the party started after I got my harp all set up. I of course had to play an introductory song or two to entice Blake to come over and hang out with me!

V'ger the Harp and Blake the Dog

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