Erin back at Finn MacCool’s with her harp

Back with my harp to lovely Finn MacCool’s in Port Washington in the month of St. Patrick’s Day! (as you can tell from the decorations). ¬†How did it get to be March already? I played a newly memorized one, “Girl from Ipanema.” It’s a hard one to memorize ’cause there are so may pedal changes, your feet are doing a complicated dance the entire time. For non-harpists out there – each string on the pedal harp can be 3 different pitches depending on where you put the pedal (7 pedals, each with 3 different positions). I think I’ll dedicate a blog one day to how this crazy instrument works, ’cause it’s pretty darn cool.

Erin's harp at Finn MacCool's

NYC harpist Erin Hill at Finn MacCool's

I love shamrocks!

shamrock at Finn MacCool's

Erin at Finn's

Erin at FInn's

Erin at Finn's

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