More Wieden + Kennedy harp photos

Tomorrow I will write about the rest of my Valentine’s weekend exploits, but I’m just back home from an entire weekend full of gigs, so I will quickly share a couple more photos from my harp gig on Friday the 13th at the fantastic advertising agency Wieden + Kennedy in Manhattan. I took these photos before the Valentine’s party began, with my harp V’ger all set up and ready to go. It really was a fun gig, and included a Happy Birthday sing-a-long with the harp, which was apropos for me as well, since it was my birthday weekend, too! It was also so much fun playing there, because no matter what song I played, someone came up and said “Is that (fill in the blank)?” I love that. From Buddy Holly to Neil Young to Radiohead to Florence + the Machine, they got it!

Erin's harp, ready to play a NYC party

Erin's harp, V'ger, a view from the balcony

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