Erin plays harp at Wieden + Kennedy in Manhattan

I had a great time playing harp today at the advertising agency Wieden + Kennedy for their Valentine’s Day party. The first exciting thing that happened when I brought my harp in was that I saw — puppies! Yes, they’re a dog-friendly workplace, which was just a thrill for me, getting to see puppies cavorting as I played the harp. Other highlights were accompanying an impromptu rap to Drake’s “Started from the Bottom,” and also doing a sing-along to David Bowie’s “Space Oddity” with the entire company. And someone recognized “Apache” when I played it, from The Fresh Prince of Bel Air! A beautiful Friday the 13th, indeed!
Here are some photos from before the party:

Erin looking through her harp in Soho, NYC

Erin playing harp in Manhattan at Wieden + Kennedy

Erin playing harp for a corporate event in Manhattan

Erin's harp ready for a corporate party in New York City

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