Harp at Santander Bank in Manhattan

I was the harpist for a corporate event at Santander Bank in NYC on Tuesday, and I believe it was my first time playing the harp in a bank – pretty cool! They had a wine and cheese tasting event, and I provided the harp accompaniment. I loved that John Ragan, the wine director from Union Square Hospitality Group recognized “Love My Way” by The Psychedelic Furs when I played my arrangement of it – he said it’s one of his favorite songs, and I agree, that’s why I originally worked it up, I just love that song.

Here are some photos from the event — I took these beforehand, once I was all set up with V’ger (my harp). I also took a couple when I went on my break, so you can actually catch a glimpse of some of the edible goodies there. I wasn’t able to try any of the wine during the gig since I had to drive me and my harp safely back home, but they were so nice, they gave a bottle to take home – now that was a nice tip!

NYC harpist Erin Hill's harp at Santander Bank in Manhattan

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