First rehearsal for The Peter Ulrich Collaboration

We had our first rehearsal today for The Peter Ulrich Collaboration’s upcoming gig at Webster Hall (the Marlin Room). I took some photos today to commemorate our first rehearsal! I’m playing harp and singing for the gig, Trebor Lloyd is producing, and Mike Nolan is playing pedal steel and is the Musical Director. Also at our rehearsal today we had Nelly Rocha on cello, Nicole Wright on Violin, Timothy Dark on vocals, and Antar Goodwin on bass. And — MacLeod the Westie!! Who features in all the photos I took:

MacLeod and the band at rehearsal

Trebor Lloyd and MacLeod at rehearsal

MacLeod and Erin Hill's harp V'ger

MacLeod the Westie, Mike Nolan & Nelly Rocha at rehearsal

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