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Review of Erin’s “Harp Town” album – on Harp Column

I just got a nice review of my “Harp Town” album! This came out today in Harp Column magazine. You can download “Harp Town” on iTunes, or Amazon, or listen on Spotify. Some soundbites from the Harp Column review: “Every track an original take… genius of an arranger… voice and harp connect at just the right level… this is a beautifully recorded and produced album of sumptuous arrangements…” Continue reading

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New Harp!

I got a new harp today! It is an electric pedal harp, a Camac, like my current harp V’ger, but the difference is that it has a straight soundboard. This harp will live in the studio and be my recording harp. I’m so excited to… Continue reading

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Working on a film song at Gridley Studios

Filmmaker Victoria Racimo and her partner TanNa Young came to Gridley Studios to master a song for their upcoming documentary film One Day, and as you can see from the photos, MacLeod the Westie was an integral part of the process! I sang… (photos) Continue reading

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New ProTools system arrives at Gridley Studios!

Yep, we took the plunge and upgraded to ProTools 11 HDX for Gridley Studios, and the boxes arrived today! MacLeod the Westie was on hand (and on paw) to check it all out and make sure everything had arrived as expected. Now the job of installing it all… MacLeod has his work cut out for him! — (photos) Continue reading

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