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Review of Erin’s “Harp Town” album – on Harp Column

I just got a nice review of my “Harp Town” album! This came out today in Harp Column magazine. You can download “Harp Town” on iTunes, or Amazon, or listen on Spotify. Some soundbites from the Harp Column review: “Every track an original take… genius of an arranger… voice and harp connect at just the right level… this is a beautifully recorded and produced album of sumptuous arrangements…” Continue reading

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“Harp Town” – Erin’s new album is released on iTunes!

The LA record label Cleopatra Records has released my first album of harp and voice covers! I signed with Cleopatra last year, and the resulting album, Harp Town, is now available for download on iTunes — the 18 tracks on the album include songs such as Kate Bush’s “This Woman’s Work,” Smashing Pumpkins’ “Disarm,” Adele’s “Someone Like You,” Radiohead’s “Black Star,” and other songs by Lady Gaga, Tim Buckley, Alicia Keys, Roxy Music, Rihanna, Til Tuesday, Leonard Cohen, U2, as well as classics like “La Vie En Rose,” “Eleanor Rigby,” and “Come Fly With Me.” And there are even a couple of… Continue reading

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