Fab Faux soundcheck photos

I had a fast soundcheck for “She’s Leaving Home” on Saturday because I was racing to make it from playing harp & singing for a wedding in Patchogue, Long Island — and I made it! But I didn’t have much hanging around time to snap photos. So here are the two that I took, plus one that Will Lee took before I got there of my harp Ylla in her case, waiting to be unwrapped for soundcheck (I sent Ylla on ahead with the rest of the Faux’s gear, so she’d be out and ready to go when I got there).
Here we are onstage at The Egg in Albany. I told Will I was taking a few photos for my blog, and so what Will is saying to me in this first photo is narrating the future caption for the photo — “And here’s Carl Spataro, getting Erin Hill’s harp ready for soundcheck at The Egg in beautiful Albany New York!”

NYC harpist Erin Hill's harp onstage at the Egg

Here’s Will doing his vocal soundcheck for “She’s Leaving Home”

NYC harpist Erin Hill's harp with The Fab Faux

Will Lee with Erin's harp at The Egg

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