Erin’s new music video – her Rihanna & Mikky Ekko “Stay” cover – the singing harpist

It’s a new Erin Music Video! Featuring: my electric harp, a contortionist, and a dog!! The song is my harp & voice Rihanna cover of her song “Stay,” dir. & edited by M.N. Kinski, from my album Harp Town.
The contortionist is Mariana Plick, and the dog is, of course – MacLeod the Westie! (who makes his entrance verse 2).

When we were filming this Rihanna “Stay” cover, MacLeod wandered in and we decided to just let him do whatever he wanted to while we filmed. MacLeod turned out to be a big Rihanna fan, and even a bigger fan of my “Stay” cover on the harp (and of Annie, the contortionist!)

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