Radiohead’s “Black Star” on Harp & Voice

I have a new song to share with you! I recorded my version of “Black Star” by Radiohead on harp & vocals and drum loop. You can listen to it here on SoundCloud. When I played the song live at Will Hanza and Dani Mari’s Radiohead tribute show last week, I did it with pedal steel and live drums. It will be nice to add pedal steel to the recorded version at some point, and maybe live drums, too. But for now, this is a nice harp, voice & drum loop recording. It’s not often I’m able to record a song after I learn a new one, and sometimes I forget what I’ve done — I don’t write down any of my arrangements, they’re all in my head, so I’m glad I got the chance to put this one down before it vanished into thin air!

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