MacLeod and his love of the harp

Yes, it’s true — MacLeod the Westie loves music, he is a huge fan. And his favorite instrument is definitely the harp. Sometimes he hides somewhere in the house, and won’t make a peep no matter how much you call his name. When that happens, all I have to do is sit down at the harp and start playing, and out he trots from wherever he was hiding, and plops himself down right at my feet, to listen. He is my number one fan! (and not in an Annie Wilkes way!)
He is also the best studio dog. He loves to come hang out in the studio while we’re rehearsing or recording. And he never makes a peep while we’re recording; he’s very chill. Sometimes if the drums are too loud for his little ears, he’ll situate himself in a corner until there’s a softer song. His little brain must be very musically shaped.

MacLeod the Westie and V'ger the Harp

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